Learning: Keep chasing your dreams

Monday, May 23, 2016

This past month has been a difficult one. People talk about the challenges and difficulties of being an entrepreneur and starting up a business.... but they never really talk about the emotional toll the roller coaster ride a start up takes you on. 

With sales and marketing you have good months and bad months. One month things are looking promising, the product is moving, sales are picking then... BAM... you enter a month where things come to a stand still. Its defeating, exhausting, both mentally and physically draining. You start to question everything. Was it really worth it? Did I make a mistake? Perhaps I should just give up and move on? Maybe get job?

I now understand why they say the first few years of a business are crucial. If you can make it past those few years then you are good. Its in those years where everything about your product is put to the test. You will fail, you will fall and you will be defeated but the key is to persevere. As I sit here writing this, contemplating what I will do today to keep pushing my product, I say a little prayer for strength to do it, cause mehnnn its hard. Though by Gods grace, I have a new day, a new day to keep working, working hard to make this product I believe in reach its potential.  I have hope that one day that my business will be where I see it being in my dreams. 

I'm learning: Keep chasing your dreams, persevere and don't give up!
Location: Garden City Mall
Photographer: Njeri Macharia
Dress: N3Milles (Ksh 7, 500)
Shoes: Zara UK (Ksh 3,700)


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