Learning: All good things take time

Monday, May 30, 2016

My heart sunk when I saw the email notification from one of my partners. My immediate thought was that they were going to complain about something, I was mentally preparing myself for what was inside, so I hesitated to open it. I finally did, and I shed a little tear after reading it. This service provider was commending me for my hard work and was encouraging me to persevere through. That tear, was a tear of relief, tear of gratitude and tear of appreciation.

Its hard, when a business is starting up and you don't see the immediate fruit of your hard work. As with any startup and any new business, it takes time. It takes time to build traction, it takes time to create awareness and it takes time before it really picks up. The downside of being a dot com baby is expecting immediate results. We are the generation of fast internet, microwavable food, instant noodles, mobile phones, and the list goes on. I joke with my friends, that I was hoping to be a millionaire by now, where did I go wrong? But I didn't go wrong, its just the reality of a starting up a business.

This encouraging email I received from my partner reminded me that all good things take time. In all honesty, i'm constantly being reminded that, its like I have amnesia and constantly forget. I cant expect to be where I envision myself to be overnight, i've got to persevere because it takes time to achieve your dream. 

Learning: All good things take time. 
Location: Sangare Cottages Nyeri
Photographer: Njeri Macharia
Dress: N3Milles (Ksh 7, 500)
Shoes: Bershka Dubai (Ksh 3,000)
Necklace: H&M (Ksh 150)
Earrings: Forever 21 (Ksh 500)

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