Monday, October 26, 2015

I got the wonderful opportunity to be featured on the #30NappyHeads photography series. Make sure to check out Abu Okari's Instagram page for more beautiful shots of beautiful people with natural hair. Here's my interview and some photos from the shoot: 

What are your hobbies/things you do for fun/guilty pleasures? I would like to have a picture of you that is not mainstream, beyond appearance and job.My hobbies are drawing or fashion designing and crafts.  After discovering pinterest and D.I.Y last summer I found I really enjoy being able to turn everyday things into beautiful items, like old wine bottles into flower pots and creating a mirror frame from plastic spoons.

How did you arrive at the decision to have your hair natural?
After a certain age I stopped liking relaxed hair, I felt it kept my hair from growing and I stopped liking the way it looked on me. I called it the wet seal, especially after your relaxer is fresh. I went natural a couple of years back in school but I didn't know how to look after natural hair and it soon became too stressful so I relaxed it. When I got to uni and learnt how to finally look after natural hair, I had a good friend cut my hair for me and i've never gone back since.

You once told me your younger brothers have very interesting opinions about your hair..
My brothers don't like my natural hair, in fact when I first cut it they were worried I would never get a boyfriend. My dad on the other hand, complimented my hair, which is as extremely rare for him to do. I guess you cant please them all.

Does the natural hair make you feel closer to something, like your heritage, identity...?
I don't think natural hair has made me any closer to my heritage or identity while at the same time it hasn't distanced me either. I say this because, one my identity is not in my hair and two my heritage doesn't embrace natural hair, based on my limited knowledge. I think hair is just that, hair. The same way you wouldn't ask a Caucasian whether not perming their hair makes them feel closer to their heritage or identity.

Do you feel more beautiful with natural hair as opposed to any other hair styles?
I feel beautiful either way because I know beauty transcends the outer physical attributes. That being said, there are times I don't feel as nice in my natural hair and prefer how I look and feel in braids. It really just goes with my mood and events of the day.

The most memorable comment somebody has ever made about your hair? Whether positive, or negative.
Oh gosh.. um there's no particularly memorable comment that I haven't already mentioned, perhaps my aunties in shags complaining about how rough I look and how I needed to go get my hair done.

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